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What's Included In Your Hypnotherapy Sessions

Great Additional Support

Take advantage of First Class additional support outside of our video sessions via email.

Bespoke Life Changing Sessions

These sessions are completely tailored to you in order to help you overcome your own personal road blocks.

Solution Focused Sessions

This is NOT Counselling. We won’t need to spend months talking about your past. Instead we’re going to create a Compelling Future and rapidly rewire your brain to take you there.

Free Self Hypnosis

Get Instant Access to my special sleep track to help rapidly speed up the progress of the work we do in between sessions.

Lifetime Access To Sessions

You will have Lifetime Access to all of our hypnosis sessions once they are complete if you wish for hypnosis segments to be recorded.

Packages for Clinical Hypnotherapy in Bath

Initial Consultation


Hypnotherapy Session

Smoking Cessation

Phobia Removal

Appointments in as little as 24 Hours

Receive quick guidance and support from me, without the long waiting lists

One-on-one support between consultations

If you have any concerns, questions or exciting updates in between consultations, you have unlimited access to me via email before your next session.

Personalised plans unique to you

Our treatment plans are tailored to your specific needs, providing you a clear path to success.

"I contacted you at a low point....
and thinking that life is such a drudge it's barely worth living it. A few weeks later, my life has improved dramatically. I can't recommend highly enough. Worth every penny!"
Sue B
"Not all heroes wear capes....
Without this input, I dread to think where my head space would be at night. Book with confidence that you’re getting the best support you could hope for."
Sally J
"I was a bit sceptical about hypnosis....
and unsure if it really worked. Went to the 1st follow up and wow, I noticed a difference immediately after. I'm a completely different person than the one who attended the first time. Just wish I did it sooner."
Jason P
"My Mum had Insomnia...
she was suffering and not in the best place. After just one session, I noticed a difference. My mum was back to her normal self and much happier. I would most definitely recommend. Thank you so much for your help.”
Kate F
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